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6 Best Wooden Door Designs in Sri Lanka 2021

Looking for wooden door designs in Sri Lanka? Mascons serves our valuable clients so as the nation with the best innovative products by offering a wide range of ecofriendly and economical Doors, Door Frames, Decking, Windows options.

We have contributed the industry for years by serving the excellence and trust and that’s how we humbly celebrating the happiness of winning the recognition at a national level by with the Winner of Product Award SLIA in the year of 2014.

For your reference we are listing here 6 of our exclusive wooden door designs from our enormous collection. Check which one appeal you the most.

Wooden Door Designs in Sri Lanka

Wooden Door Design 1

Wooden Door Design in Sri Lanka


The first picture you see here is a wooden door design in Sri Lanka which you always wanted to have a one for your dream house.

This elegant door design suits to any location of your dwelling and inserting this design as the front door of your house, would certainly enhances the appeal of your home to the next level.

With the presence of wooden it creates a fresh and natural ambience which is very welcoming and pleasing. The design doesn’t have any complicated carvings and so as this beautiful door design produces a simplicity and also a classic sensation at the same time.

The brightly polished surface gives a fine fishing to the door work, and if you carefully notice you would also study a timid artwork that goes vertically on the wooden texture which is extremely beautiful.

There’s no second thought about the durability as the production is absolutely strong and fits for any type of weather condition.

Wooden Door Design 2

Wooden Door Design in Sri Lanka


The second wooden door design in Sri Lanka we present you is another fine work where the creativity, standard and the quality meet the sophistication. The design you see here is different to the previous design with its light and simple wooden carving.

The square shaped carving produces a broad presence to the door while the horizontal lines are muted against the vertical lines which require careful observation to study in detail. Yet this wooden craft is very inviting and amiable for your visitors.

The design has more highlighted and focused natural colours of the wooden texture rather than make the door surface full with intricate patterns. This is a fact which is unquestionably preserving the simplicity and the taste of your home.

Fitting as a water resistance, termite resistance and also strong and durable enough to bear any weather and climate condition this simple wooden door design waits to enrich the dignity of your dream home.

Wooden Door Design 3

Wooden Door Design in Sri Lanka

The third wooden door design that we exclusively present here to adore your home is completely different to the regular wooden door designs that we get to see frequently in Sri Lanka.

What normally comes to your mind when concerning about wooden door design is more the natural wood colours along with brown and natural tones.

But if you looking for a difference to the regular wooden door crafts, we present you here a door work with a mix of uniqueness and simplicity by going bit away from traditional and tedious wooden door works.

The door is brightly polished by using black tenor and the texture is completely free from patterns and carves other than the presence of a frame which has created to get rid from dullness.

The wooden door design you see here is elegant, simple and also is very pleasing while throwing a noble appeal to your stylish home.

Wooden Door Design 4

Wooden Door Design in Sri Lanka

Style, taste, creativity are elaborated here to the next level on a wooden texture and that’s how our fourth wooden door design comes to our enormous wooden door design collection for your reference.

The carvings and the patterns which have detailed on the surface projecting an inspiration which is in between the simplicity and intricacy.

So if you looking for a door design, which is simple but not so at a basic, this is the wooden door design which is best fitting your home.

The design has a fine finishing where the surface is brightly polished preserving the authenticity of wooden which is very amiable and inviting.

As same as the design the fabrication of the door consists with high quality constituents matching the international trade standards and qualities as applicable to all Macon production in order to offer you the best in the way in which more than your expectation.

Thus, the durability of this beautiful wooden door design is ensured to resist years along.

Wooden Door Design 5

Wooden Door Design in Sri Lanka

Another fashionable wooden door design in Sri Lanka is listed here as the fifth example for your reference which you would definitely love to add to your dwelling.

Who would say no to have such an elegant door work to a dream house which positively enhancing the ambience and the taste of a home.

The artwork of the door work is based on kind of a 3D carving. Different to the other designs which have listed in our portfolio, the wooden door design you see here is full of patterns.

The texture entails different shapes and dimensions. Thus the surface is compiled with creative lines and so as the sophisticated oval forms.

Apart from the detail carvings simple patterns have muted throughout the exterior which is extremely beautiful and stylish. The different shades can be seen on a brightly polished fresh wooden base.

If you looking for a noble and stylish appeal to the front door of your dwelling, this would be one of the perfect designs to consider.

Certifying you the permanency, Mascon manufactures these elegant door wares as a resistance to any sort of weather condition and so as it is protected from termites.

Wooden Door Design 6

Wooden Door Design in Sri Lanka

Our sixth design of the enormous wooden door portfolio is extremely classical, classy, elegant and stylish. This beautiful door work resembles the extreme level of the creativity and the sophistication of our exclusive design collection.

The pattern which have spread regularly throughout the wooden base is very neat and gives a fine finishing making the door work is very pleasing and inviting making your house prepared for any occasion or celebration.

The exterior of the door is very clean and bright with a firmly polished wooden base. If you are a fan of the darker version shades of wooden text, this design should be very appealing.

The door work is very durable, fitting to any condition of weather or climate changes and also safe from termites attacks.

Mascons has a wide range of design collection which exactly match your tastes and requirements. We not only serve you the taste and style but also the trust, quality and the standards meeting the international values as well.

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