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Doors without cutting a Tree
SealCore Environment Friendly Doors, Door Frames, Decking, Windows are made with waste wood shavings, Calcium Carbonate and PVC hence no trees are cut to make the doors, frames, decking etc. Our Eco-Friendly doors, frames, decking etc. Look and Feels like Read Wood, Water Resistant, Termite Resistant, & Extremely Strong yet very Economical.

New Products At Mascons (Pvt) Limited

  • Door Knob lock in Sri Lanka

    Stainless Steel Door Knob lock with 3 iron keys-(SS) Finish

    Rs 654.00 Add to cart
  • Electric Router Machine in Sri Lanka

    ROUTER – ELECTRIC – 23000r/min – 1600W -MASCO

    Rs 7,350.00 Add to cart
  • 58″x60″ Window Frame+3Glass Sash+Fittings

    Rs 16,825.00Rs 19,250.00 Select options
  • Chain link Fence

    Rs 7,719.00Rs 55,818.00 Select options

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Range of Roofing Sheets
A Range of color roofing sheets
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